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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lemon cookies...well, kind of :)

I was looking to make a quick and easy cookie recipe to have a bit of dessert around :) I have this cookbook full of recipes you can make with 4 items or less, which, yes, is exactly what you're thinking: too good to be true :)

If you can bake something amazing using 4 items, I'd love to know your secret because these cookies were so strange...that is the best way I can describe them! They didn't taste bad...just weird! They were chewy, yet hard, kind of like a taffy...and not a ton of flavor.

When I added all of the ingredients, it looked wrong haha. The dough was so powdery like there had been too much flour and I couldn't form them into cookies! I added more butter to make them appear to be more dough like, which then led to me having to add more sugar and lemon juice (and those are the 4 ingredients!) to try and balance the flavor. What I thought was going to be a simple and quick batch of cookies turned out to be a slight disaster and a big mess! Oh well...see if I ever bake with 4 ingredient recipes again! :)

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