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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The BEST lemon cake

A favorite of mine...and it's from a box! (shhh....)

This is truly a delicious lemon cake. I think I love it so much because it doesn't have a fresh lemon flavor (which I realized recently, I'm not particularly fond of). Recently, I have been having a craving for this cake, so I decided to make it as a gift to myself for my birthday :)

My grandma used to make this cake and I always remembered how much I loved it. I asked my dad to get the recipe and he told me that she used just the box lemon cake. I was honestly surprised because I thought it was this elaborate ordeal to make (especially because it looks so fancy in the bundt pan shape), but I can't complain because it tastes amazing!

I did make the dark chocolate glaze to go on top, which added a nice flavor. You can eat it plain, and it tastes great, but I felt like spicing it up a little with some chocolate. :) The flavors really go well together.

It turned out beautifully and totally satisfied my craving...I seriously could eat it EVERYDAY!

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