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Monday, September 12, 2011

My Biggest Disaster Yet!

Ok...so this last Friday I was making my mom a cake for her birthday on Saturday. I was so excited to bake AND decorate the cake with the flowers that I've learned how to do. I worked all day Friday, so I came home and got right down to it. I set all my ingredients out and prepared to make the tasty Grasshopper cake that I've blogged about before. From the beginning of baking this cake, nothing seemed to go right.

Let me break it down for you:

Problem 1: The cake layers were falling apart
Solution: Try as little as possible to touch the layers haha and just PRAY that they will hold up!

Problem 2: The frosting was too soft
Solution: Put in refrigerator and hope that it will harden up!

Problem 3 (the BIGGEST fiasco of all): After managing to assemble the cake and frost it, it completely collapses!
Solution: Have a melt down for about 5 minutes and then have your husband run to the store to get a box cake.

Yes folks, you read that correctly. I actually had to go with a box cake because there was NO way I was starting all over at 9:00pm. I had all my decorations ready to go and was so excited to decorate this cake that I had to think of something that would be passable.

So, I went through with it. Thankfully I had enough frosting and ganache left over to actually pull it off! I was so happy with what I ended up with, even though, it wasn't close to being my best. It still tasted good and what matters is that my mom had a great birthday and, hopefully, still enjoyed this cake :)

Sometimes things just go wrong and you have to do the best you can! :)

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