Welcome to Natasha's Creative Confections! If you have stumbled upon this blog page, then you're in for a real treat! One of my favorite things to do is bake. If you choose to read on you will find pictures and recipes of some of the fabulous treats that I have created. So take a look around and enjoy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Raspberry Cupcakes with Champagne Frosting...

...aka my take on Sift's Pink Champagne cupcake! This is easily my favorite cupcake and I was inspired to recreate Sift's famous flavor.

My sister-in-law, Kelli, and I have tried making this cupcake before and we were really impressed with how it turned out! This recipe is slightly different and will be featured this weekend on my friend Savannah's blog, Savannah Smiles! She is featuring a different cupcake each week and asked if I would post a guest blog for this upcoming weekend. I chose to make raspberry cupcakes because they are something that you don't see everyday! They are paired with a delicious champagne buttercream frosting that add a little sparkle to the flavor ;)

I topped these already cute cupcakes with crystal sugar and a light sprinkle of edible pink glitter. When I look at them, they remind me so much of Sift's Pink Champagne, and they honestly taste just as good!! I was so happy with the way they turned out!

More pictures and the recipe for these cupcakes will be posted on my friend Savannah's blog, Savannah Smiles, this weekend so be sure to check it out!


  1. Seriously...delicious! I am afraid to post them on my blog because I am intimidated by your baking skillz! : ) Jk, it is an honor an privilege!

  2. haha it was so fun doing them! whenever you need a guest baker, i would love to do it! :) thanks for having me on your blog...maybe it will get me a few more followers haha